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Hi Alimtox I attended a Halloween birthday party bash on Friday, 10/29/10 and I went home around midnight.  The next day, around one p.m., I returned to the house were the party took place to visit friends that were staying over.  Well I discovered that a lot of people stayed over at the house from the party, because they drank too much alcohol.  There was a person there named Heidi G. and she was giving everyone an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  I witness at least six persons doing the AI Foot Bath and to my amazement each person had different detox coloring results that appeared in the water.  The people, who drank too much alcoholic, had a lot of the black coloring in the water which indicates a liver toxin (alcohol).  They all had other different coloring in the water that indicated other toxins were also being released from their body. I am not sure how many of the AI Foot Bath Heidi did before I arrived on Saturday, but I was the last person to receive Heidi’s AI Foot Bath.  I had very little black coloring in the water, which would be correct since I had drank only one bottle of beer during the entire night.  What impressed me the most was I had a lot of the orange coloring in the water.  I have been suffering with painful knee problems for years and the orange coloring represented joint toxins.  I, also, had other colorings in the water, but this orange coloring was about 70% of all my colorings.  My AI Foot Bath lasted for about 30 minutes and my knee pain was completely gone. I had one other problem that happened to me on the day of the party.  I was stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion on my right foot fourth toe.  I was putting on my gym shoe at home and the AZ Bark Scorpion had crawled into my right gym shoe.  I have lived in Arizona for 15 years and I have never been stung by any kind of scorpion.  Well after the AI Foot Bath the pain of the AZ Bark Scorpion sting was totally gone.  My toe was still numb to the touch, but at least the pain was finally gone.I then went on the internet to research the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.  I read both pro and con comments about Ion Foot Baths.  Some persons called it a scam while others swear that it relieved their pain and suffering of various ailments.  The one thing I noticed about the persons calling the Ion Foot Bath a scam was that they never mentioned the fact that they even tried taking an Ion Foot Bath.  The persons who actually did take the Ion Foot Baths were saying they were getting relief from their pain and suffering.  I called Heidi G. and she has been giving Alimtox Ion Foot Bath for quite awhile.  She told me about the wonderful results that many persons had when she gave them an AI Foot Bath.  Also, Heidi is a very impressive person that actually works in the medical field.  She emphasized that the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine is the best of all the Ion Foot Bath machines.  I watched Wayne Pitter’s Internet presentations and read all the testimonials at .  With the completion of my research I decided on November 15, 2010 to order my own Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.  When I received my Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine, Heidi invited me to her home and made sure I set up the AI Foot Bath machine properly.  I first gave myself a Ion Foot Bath and then I gave Heidi a Ion Foot Bath.  I did everything correctly according to the easy directions that come with the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.Also, when using my own Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine I got similar results as my first Ion Foot Bath that Heidi gave me with her AI Foot Bath machine.  I had a lot of orange coloring in the water which means joint toxins were being released from my body.  Also, I noticed an oily substance on the surface which means cholesterol was being release from my body.  Yes, I suffer from high cholesterol.  There were other colors, but I am not going to mention what they all mean at this point.  The one thing that is most important to me is I feel better after the AI Foot Bath.  I am totally satisfied with my physical results and with my purchase of the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.I retired from teaching after teaching 40 years.  The last 23 years I taught computer and technology classes.  I just want to emphasize that the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine is modern technology that has worked for me.  The only way you can judge if the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath will work for you is to try it for a few times and then decide on what you want to do.  I have learned over the years that no two persons might not receive the identical results even though they are doing the same thing such as an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  Please if you are going to do an Ion Foot Bath make sure it is an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  I hope you will experience excellent physical results when you receive an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.

Jerry MindockScottsdale, AZ
Great Thanks.

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Dear Alimtox,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help. The customer service and aftercare you gave me after I bought my Alimtox Ion Generator detox machine was incredibly factful and educational.

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Hi Alimtox,

it was so good to talk to you today. Here is the story of my firstborn son:

When he hit puberty, his skin decided to revolt. He got a bad case of acne, but also a pretty severe case of sub-dermal cysts.  I had taken him to a dermatologist and he prescribed an antibiotic treatment in order to take care of the sub-dermal cysts. Unfortunately, that treatment only took some of the redness from the cysts, but did nothing to actually heal them. In fact, a nasty side effect was that it turned his teeth yellow. I noticed an Amlitox machine at our hairdressers and asked her what this machine was for. She explained how it clears out toxins out of the body and a lot of times it also helps with skin conditions. I decided to have my son try it.  He had stopped using the antibiotics and his skin had started to look angry again, but after the first use of the Amlitox machine I could see how his skin calmed down.  For the next eight weeks we came to her twice a week and the cysts disappeared.  I decided to buy the Amlitox machine, so we could continue to treat him once a week, then once every 2 weeks, then once a month until he no longer needed it... Now, if a sub-dermal cyst shows up, he only needs to take one treatment and the next day it is gone. For us it only worked on the sub-dermal cysts, which is huge. I am certain that finding this treatment saved him from a lot of scars. The acne we treated at first with topical treatments that worked OK but now our chiropractor gives him laser treatments that work much better…The Amlitox machine worked really well for our son’s sub-dermal cysts and we are thankful to have been able to find this treatment. Please consider it as an alternative, non invasive treatment.



,Nada Salvino