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My name is Paula Childers. I am a mother to three amazing children, a wife to the best partner in life I could ask for, and owner of Alimtox LLC, a company that has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

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During my maternity leave with my second child I started to think more about what I wanted for myself, what I wanted out of life, and what my legacy would be. My stepmother, who passed during this transition in my life, guided me through this discovery of self realization and helped me create a list of qualifications for my future:

Let me back up a little bit. Back in the day, before I was an owner of an alternative health company, I was an employee in the airline industry. From 1985 to 1995 to be exact. I was the Operations Manager for United Express before becoming the Purchasing and Parts Manager for Air LA. While my time at those companies helped shape me into an efficient manager, and by many respects a leader, I was not completely satisfied.

Now, by no means am I saying this “new age” lifestyle cured or prevented a reoccurrence of cancer. What I am saying is the benefits of my father’s new lifestyle were obvious; he was a more happy, healthier person than anytime in my memory.

I wanted to be challenged every day.

I wanted to surround myself with positive, like-minded people.

I wanted my earning potential to fully match the effort I put fourth.

And I wanted help make people feel better while making a difference in society.

I developed a relationship with natural health before it became the trend it is today. It was the 70s and my father had been diagnosed with (terminal) cancer. My stepmother was the epitome of a new age woman. After my father’s cancer was cut out, and the medical professionals’ expertise reached their limit, my stepmother started him on a juicing diet along with an array of supplements. My father was able to reclaim the balance of his body and lived cancer free for 26 years (when he succumbed to natural causes).

My stepmother was later diagnosed with ALS disease and given six months to live by her doctors. It was now my father’s and our turn to be her support. I don't know whether it was her natural, “alternative” lifestyle or her tenacity for life and sheer will to live, but she turned those six months into six long years.

After she passed I used our list (of qualifications for my future) as a compass.

That compass led me to Mark Victor Hanson, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I earned the position of COO in Mark’s natural health company, V Vision International, where I cultivated my new self for six productive years. During that time I also acted as the company’s health coach.

My compass then led me to the vitamin sales department for Dr. Julian Whitaker’s company, Whitaker Wellness. After two years working along side Dr. Julian my compass was pointing elsewhere; towards ownership.

While the Ion Generator has helped myself and many others tremendously, I began to realize it was just a starting point. An identifier, if you will, of larger problems within the body. Over the past few years I have come across many, many products claiming to promote a healthy lifestyle in various ways.

In 2006 co-founded Alimtox LLC with the determined, strong-mineded, and ever caring Wayne Pitter (recently retired) and one other partner. We started traveling to expos across to country with a single product, the Alimtox Ion Generator. The Ion Generator is still the cornerstone of the business, but Alimtox is now evolving into something much bigger.

"I have made it my mission to carry a line of products that I trust. Products that pick up where our Ion Generator leaves off. Products that work."

After becoming the sole owner of Alimtox I have made it my mission to carry a line of products that I trust. Products that pick up where our Ion Generator leaves off. Products that work.

This internal journey led me back to a lifelong passion of mine.