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Hi Wayne

I attended a Halloween birthday party bash on Friday, 10/29/10 and I went home around midnight.  The next day, around one p.m., I returned to the house were the party took place to visit friends that were staying over.  Well I discovered that a lot of people stayed over at the house from the party, because they drank too much alcohol.  There was a person there named Heidi G. and she was giving everyone an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  I witness at least six persons doing the AI Foot Bath and to my amazement each person had different detox coloring results that appeared in the water.  The people, who drank too much alcoholic, had a lot of the black coloring in the water which indicates a liver toxin (alcohol).  They all had other different coloring in the water that indicated other toxins were also being released from their body. 

I am not sure how many of the AI Foot Bath Heidi did before I arrived on Saturday, but I was the last person to receive Heidi’s AI Foot Bath.  I had very little black coloring in the water, which would be correct since I had drank only one bottle of beer during the entire night.  What impressed me the most was I had a lot of the orange coloring in the water.  I have been suffering with painful knee problems for years and the orange coloring represented joint toxins.  I, also, had other colorings in the water, but this orange coloring was about 70% of all my colorings.  My AI Foot Bath lasted for about 30 minutes and my knee pain was completely gone. 

I had one other problem that happened to me on the day of the party.  I was stung by an Arizona Bark Scorpion on my right foot fourth toe.  I was putting on my gym shoe at home and the AZ Bark Scorpion had crawled into my right gym shoe.  I have lived in Arizona for 15 years and I have never been stung by any kind of scorpion.  Well after the AI Foot Bath the pain of the AZ Bark Scorpion sting was totally gone.  My toe was still numb to the touch, but at least the pain was finally gone.

I then went on the internet to research the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.  I read both pro and con comments about Ion Foot Baths.  Some persons called it a scam while others swear that it relieved their pain and suffering of various ailments.  The one thing I noticed about the persons calling the Ion Foot Bath a scam was that they never mentioned the fact that they even tried taking an Ion Foot Bath.  The persons who actually did take the Ion Foot Baths were saying they were getting relief from their pain and suffering.  I called Heidi G. and she has been giving Alimtox Ion Foot Bath for quite awhile.  She told me about the wonderful results that many persons had when she gave them an AI Foot Bath.  Also, Heidi is a very impressive person that actually works in the medical field.  She emphasized that the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine is the best of all the Ion Foot Bath machines.  I watched Wayne Pitter’s Internet presentations and read all the testimonials at .  With the completion of my research I decided on November 15, 2010 to order my own Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.  When I received my Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine, Heidi invited me to her home and made sure I set up the AI Foot Bath machine properly.  I first gave myself a Ion Foot Bath and then I gave Heidi a Ion Foot Bath.  I did everything correctly according to the easy directions that come with the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.

Also, when using my own Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine I got similar results as my first Ion Foot Bath that Heidi gave me with her AI Foot Bath machine.  I had a lot of orange coloring in the water which means joint toxins were being released from my body.  Also, I noticed an oily substance on the surface which means cholesterol was being release from my body.  Yes, I suffer from high cholesterol.  There were other colors, but I am not going to mention what they all mean at this point.  The one thing that is most important to me is I feel better after the AI Foot Bath.  I am totally satisfied with my physical results and with my purchase of the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine.

I retired from teaching after teaching 40 years.  The last 23 years I taught computer and technology classes.  I just want to emphasize that the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath machine is modern technology that has worked for me.  The only way you can judge if the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath will work for you is to try it for a few times and then decide on what you want to do.  I have learned over the years that no two persons might not receive the identical results even though they are doing the same thing such as an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  Please if you are going to do an Ion Foot Bath make sure it is an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.  I hope you will experience excellent physical results when you receive an Alimtox Ion Foot Bath.

Jerry Mindock
Scottsdale, AZ
Nov. 22, 2010

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Dave Venesky (Knoxville, TN)
September 25, 2008

Dear Wayne

just wanted to let you know that the alimtox ion generator has given me a much healthier body over the past eight months - i have more energy and generally feel much more energy throughout the day.

the most revealing benefit for me has been the restoration of feeling in my left leg. i suffered a serious accident in 1980 loosing feeling in my left leg . my surgeon said that the nerves were destroyed and all of the nerve patches in my left leg were affected.

after three months of steady use, i began to get a tingling feeling in my left leg. as i continued to use the foot bath each week , the sensitivity became stronger and now, nearly nine months later, my left leg is nearly back to normal. i cant believe this! i am very impressed with the effectiveness of this product to rebalance the body's chemistry and it has eliminated the numbness ive suffered for 28 years. fantastic!

best money ive ever spent to maintain my body. ive recommended this product to my closest friends as it truly does what it was designed to do. im 60 yrs old but feel like 40. i now jog six miles per day and sleep soundly at night since ive been using this product . great product! Thanks


Dr. Michael Herz, Psy.D.
Huntington, IN


Before getting the Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse I was training for a Marathon completing about 20 miles a week.

After using the system, I increased to 40 miles a week, ending at 65 miles per week. My recovery time was reduced to nothing, My feet never felt better, and I had more energy.

On September 19, 2009 I completed the Air Force Marathon. I ran 26.2 miles — BAREFOOT!

I have muscle stiffness, but the next day I have no pains in my feet or the rest of the body.

This is my 12° marathon, the first running barefoot, and also the first marathon that there is NO recovery aches or pains. I attribute this all to Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse.


Rosie Gomez (Hawaiian Gardens, CA)
April, 2008

I am a retired pre-school teacher.The reason I retired was because of my health problems.) was constantly sick and was diagnosed with allergies, asthma and high blood pressure.) continued to work for 2 years and was put on Lisonpril for the high blood pressure. I  using an inhaler twice a day plus nose sprays. I was put on Allegra for the allergies and asthma. Even with all the medications my asthma would flare up so bad that the doctor would put me on the steroid

Pregazone and an inhaling machine with Albuteral. As of Oct. 2007 I began detoxing with the AlimtoxGenerator. I started to feel better. I stayed pretty consistent with the detoxing once a week, only taking a few weeks off during this past year. My health just kept getting better and better.

As of 3 mon. ago I am OFF the blood pressure medicine Lisonpril and all the asthma and allergy medicine. I really feel a sense of well being now, and I believe the detoxing is the main reason because it is the one thing I've been doing different in this past year.

I am continuing on this year as well and know it is something I have to do to stay on track with my good health plan.

I am so grateful I have finally found this detoxing method that works without all the doctors' medicines. I highly recommend this non-evasive way of detoxing.

It is my new Healthy way of life.

Julie McNear (Jerseyville, IL)
February 3, 2008:
After receiving an Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse, I felt an increased energy. The ache in my hip subsided and walking was less painful. The most noticeable difference, in that I am a smoker, was as increase in my lung capacity. I immediately began to breathe better. I am looking forward to future cleanses.

Karen Coonrod (Carrollton, IL.)
February 25, 2008:

My friend, Jane has given me two Alimtox Ion Cell Cleansing treatments. I have high blood pressure, headaches, and fungus on my toes. I had a terrible headache before my second treatment and by the time the treatment was complete, my headache was completely gone. I couldn't believe it at first, but I had total relief. Thanks to Jane and the Alimotx device, the fungus on my toes is clearing up and I have more energy and fewer headaches!

Harold Beets (Godfrey, IL.)
January 13, 2008:
I am an 80-year old male that doesn't go to the doctor until I have given any persistent ailment plenty of time to heal on its own. Recently I had this sort of numbness in my right leg and foot, as well as some swelling of the ankles that didn't go away after a night in bed. I was putting off making a doctor's appointment (as usual) and I'm glad I did. Yesterday I had an Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse foot bath and my leg and foot have been back to normal since (and I hope it stays that way)!

February 26, 2008 Paula,
Hope you're having a great day. I appreciate being a part of the Alimtox team. I have gathered five testimonies so far. They are listed below. Thanks again for the free Array offer. It will help me gather
even more!

Bill Hornsey (Moro, IL.)
February 25, 2008:
After receiving a treatment with the AOK Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath, I was amazed at the amount of toxins that came out of my body through my feet. After just a few minutes in the foot bath the water went from being clear to being such a dark brown that I couldn't see my feet! It cleared up a toenail fungus that I had on my big toe and got rid of a pain in my foot that I had for several days. Within an hour after the treatment I felt better than I had in quite some time. I would highly recommend the AOK Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath to anyone who would like to detoxify their body and be on their way to a feeling of better health and well being.

Steve Grammer (Alton, IL.)
February 18, 2008
I am a 49yr old male who has been through 4 back surgeries and 1 neck fusion for a total of 7 fusions. Trying to be pain free is a daily struggle. After going through my 1st treatment I was amazed at the amount of relief I experienced. It was very unusual to see perfectly clean water in the start of the process and then see all of the toxins that came from my body in 15 min. I would definitely love to give this product a month trial to see if the relief continues.

Dr. Jonathan A. Curzon, D.C. Dipl.Ac., D.I.B.C.N.
August 26, 2008

Dear Paula,
As you requested during our last conversation, I am writing to tell you my experience with my son. About two weeks ago he had a Tuberculosis test from his family doctor which involved a small antigen injected under the skin of his right forearm. My son told me he was left with distinct sensation at that time and remained uncomfortable all day. I performed an ion cleanse on him approximately 8-9 hours later.

A huge amount of lymphatic foamy drainage appeared very quickly as opposed to any usual form of discoloration. At the very end of the bath some amber / orange appeared, but essentially nothing else. The next time he had a foot bath (2 days later) it appeared to be the usual form of green / black and some clinging reddish brown with some additional joint toxins. I have never seen this kind of reaction before and I wanted to share it with you.

I know that chlorine smell does accompany swimmers' foot baths as happens with my daughter – a swimmer. I have yet to see a lymphatic reaction as strong as my son's in anyone before or after that described.
I have been enjoying applying the footbath to my patients. I look forward to continuing this.

Roberta Jo (Indiana)


My health history. I have always had bad health. As a child I had allergies. When I become an adult my health became more of an issue due to the stresses of life. I was diagnosed in 2000 having fibromyalgia. Later, chronic fatigue, IBS, depression, mental fog, hard to concentrate, and migraines became problems. I had to quit working because these issues were too much to overcome and my arms began to become difficult to use. I filed for Social Security Disability and received it 1 %2 years later. I have been on SSDI since December 2002.

In August 2007, I saw Wayne Pitter at the Indiana State Fair. He was displaying his product and asking people to try it for $40 a half hour. I decided it couldn't hurt to try because at this point I was sleeping 20 hours a day. I immediately starting to feel better even as I sat there with my feet in the footbath. The machine helped to diagnose what the doctors couldn't figure out. My gallbladder was not working properly. I called my doctor the next week to get my gallbladder tested and within 2 months I had it removed. I immediately improved the very next day I had so much energy that I was awake for 20 hours a day. I couldn't believe the change. I didn't even feel that good in high school. At this time I also went to a sleep clinic to find out that I had obstructive sleep apnea. I started using a CPAP machine to help my sleep. It got rid of my migraines because I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my brain at night.

I began to think about how many people I could help improve their daily lives. I knew this was something I would be doing with my life. I love to help others to a fault. I normally put my own health and family off to help other people. I began to look around for a building to start a spa. I found one that would complete more than one dream. The building I found would also hold my other passion in life and that was programming. It was a perfect match. I contacted Wayne and Paula to become a distributor.

I would recommend this product to everyone, except for the people who the disclaimer talks about.

Delores Ward (Aptos, CA)
November 15, 2007

Dear Wayne,
I've spoken to you several times regarding my health condition and your Foot Spa Detoxifier. I'm sending my testimony along with a photo of myself and snapshots of my skin. The sampling snapshots of the spa waters will come later on after I get my film developed.

I've been advised and treated by many health care providers over the past 6 years and spent much time, energy and money in order to rid my body of toxins only to have had new symptoms appear and increase in severity accompanied by much suffering, anxiety and loss of sleep.

It started on November 1st of 2001 when I was advised by a healthcare practioner to start cleansing with an herb tea and capsules to eliminate parasites, followed by several colonics, which produced much debris over the Thanksgiving weekend. I was advised to continue with the colonics, tea and capsules plus to take bentonite on a daily basis.

On New Years Eve, my husband and I danced at a party. By that time I was wearing slacks due to my unsightly legs and also long white underwear under my slacks because of the lesions. When we arrived home the underwear was dripping wet with a yellowish liquid, which came from my legs, which was most distressing.

By January, the skin of my forearms and lower legs was bright red in color. Then skin eruptions began to encroach onto my back, upper arms and thighs.

In September of 2002 I engaged in a supervised 10-day multiple type cleanse. The severe, constant itch continued, as did the other symptoms. At another point in time we attended Optimum Health Institute near San Diego, CA for two weeks where we were educated and also participated in a health program which consisted of fasting, exercise, raw foods and wheat grass. Throughout the years, I've done many things to turn my acidic body over to more alkaline for improved health among which were buying a Vita Mix machine plus buying green food powders to supplement my organic eating. I bought a home colonic kit, taking over 50 colonics over a period of several years. I was advised to take different types of baths and I tried them all. In 2003 I soaked in mud baths, which would pull black silt from my body. In the summer of 2004 every day when I would wash my legs in the morning and at bedtime, a black residue would be on the white washcloth! In the mornings I'd awaken to find that the coloring of my bed sheets adhered to the numerous, tiny lesions on my legs, therefore I changed to using white bed linens, as well as towels and long, white underwear so that the blue dye from my jeans would not be left on my legs.

Treatment with over the counter hydrocortisone creams plus prescription creams and oral prescribed medications offered minimal relief. I was prescribed prednisone, which did offer relief, but as a result I now have osteoporosis.

I've been to many people who have prayed for my healing, I've read the Scripture verses over many times regarding healing, been to various parts of the country for advice, taken many different types of supplements, seen chiropractors, herbalogists, dermatologists, allergists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, Stanford Medical Center dermatology, many laser treatments, several methods of heavy metal detoxification, been advised by an Ayurvedic healthcare practioner, used Chinese herbs and cream plus many various other creams, ointments, oils, essential oils and lotions. I've purchased and used a Rife machine which has not been effective for my condition.

I also purchased a very expensive computer program, used herbs and been on numerous restrictive diets after many types of tests. I've installed a reverse osmosis water system for the house, and I purchase special quanta water to drink, plus a water filter for the shower, air purifier for the house, an electrical meter and filters for the electrical sockets of the entire house and a dehumidifier in an effort to eliminate causes for my eczema. I've also been using the Migun massage bed, which detoxifies the body with far infrared rays through jade stones and I sleep on one of their mini mats for increased negative ions.

My skin has itched, scaled, oozed, bled, dried and thickened like elephant hide and even turned purple for a period of time. It has cost me many thousands of dollars and many hours of sleep due to the pruritus. I have annoyed friends and family with my uncontrollable scratching due to the intense itching. My skin has improved this year, to a certain extent, but the itch and sores have not been eliminated.

The Alimtox foot spa has taken me to a new level of healing. Thank you to Gary and Debbie at the Santa Cruz county fair on September 12th ,2007. After one footbath, the scaly roughness of the skin on my legs was gone, producing a smoothness I hadn't experienced since before this all started! The lesions have decreased in number so drastically that I'm now able to actually count them and the itching and scratching is minimal. I've just completed my 15th treatment with the Alimtox device and am grateful to be ridding my body of harmful build-up and am now experiencing legs without blotches, blemishes, sores and scales.
I thank my Lord Jesus for you folks at Alimtox.

Master Chef Edwin Schöllyo
November 29, 2007

Hello Wayne,
I am sorry for having taken my time in getting back to you. I can only emphasize how much better your machine made me feel. For so long, I suffered from a variety of ailments including gout, rheumatism, indigestion, back aches, muscle pain to mention a few. However, your device and just a couple days of treatment wholly cured me of all of these. I was even able to dispense with the taking of the numerous medications that had been prescribed by the doctors I had seen. All were experts, yet none of them, nor their diagnosis was as helpful and as curative as your machine.

I hope that you soon have inventory and I am waiting to receive more beneficial help from your system.
Thankfully and healthfully Yours,


Bev Freeman

My name is Bev Freeman. I am 74 years old and I have had Psoriasis most of my life. When I was a child, I only had a spot or two, but when I was about 20 years old, it became widespread over my entire body, although, not usually on my face or hands.  It would become thick, crack, bleed, and of course, itch. I saw many dermatologists and tried many medications, but nothing really helped.
In May of 2008, my son-in-law introduced me to the Ion Cell Cleanse Detox Foot Bath and I have been using it approximately twice a week since that time.

The Psoriasis is much better. Some of the areas of plaque are gone, most are much smaller, and mostly just red instead of being thick and cracking. I would estimate the Psoriasis is about 75% better.
When I get too busy, and do not do the foot bath treatments regularly, the Psoriasis will flare up again.

I live in Colorado and would be glad to talk with anyone who would want to call me.

Bev Freeman




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